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Robbers Steal $250,000 worth Of Jewelry from Manhattan Beach

Earlier this month, jewelers at a local Manhattan Beach Jewelry store, were startled when masked robbers smashed into the store mid Sunday. When the robbers entered the story they began smashing displays and took Rolex watches and diamonds that totaled up to $250,000. According to the store management, the whole ordeal took only 49 seconds. The men came in hooded and wasted no time stealing as much jewelry as they possibly could. The entire heist was caught on camera and there were only two women working at the time. Police investigating this robbery questioned the two women and both of them stated that they heard a big boom and then saw two people walk in the store with hammers. One of the robbers went to the window with all of the diamonds while the other went to the window with the Rolexes. They both screamed and one of the women called the cops immediately but the robbers were long gone by the time the police showed up. Police are asking the public for anyone who knows anything about this robbery to call the Manhattan Beach Police Department.


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