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What is a bail bond?

A Bail Bond or a Surety Bond is a contract guaranteed by a state licensed bail bondsman who is backed by an insurance company. The bail agent or the bail bonds agency is responsible for the full bond amount in case the defendent fails to appear to all court dates. Make sure you always deal with a licensed bail agent.



Manhattan Beach Bail Bonds FAQs:

How much do bail bonds cost in Manhattan Beach?


The bail bond premium in California is 10% of the bail amount, each state sets their rates and the rates are non-negotiable.


There is no hidden fees or taxes, for example if the bail amount is 15,000 then the bail bond premium or the fee will be 1500.  The Bail Bond agency in California (by California law) is not allowed to charge more or less than 10%


What is the bailing out procedure?

The 1st step is to call a professional bail bond company like us and we will start the process. The bail bond agent will acquire information from you to gain a better understanding of the situation and to obtain information from the jailer about the defendant. Then a bail bond is set up and is taken to the jail to be approved by the jailer. Once it is approved there will be some documents that the arrestee or family member must sign and once all of the paperwork is finalized, the arrestee will be released.


If I bail my loved one out of jail, what is my responsibility?

If you bail somebody out of jail, you are known as the bail bond indemnitor. This means you are taking the  full responsibility to ensure that the defendant appears to court on the scheduled date. Legal action could be taken against you if the defendant fails to appear to court.


Can I pay the full bail amount to the jail?

Yes of course you can. In order to pay the jail, the arrestee must be released on cash bail and you must pay the full amount in court via cash or cashier’s check. Before paying in court, the defendant must check with the bail clerk to ensure that the forms of payment are verified. If the bail amount is large, the clerk will need to verify that the money did not come from an illegal source.


How could I finance a bail bond??

Sunrise Bail Bonds Manhattan Beach offers free financing with no hassle, we will agree on a payment plan that fits your budget in order to pay it in a timely manner. We do also offer collateral based bail bonds to qualified clients, we also accept co-signers, but make sure you understand the responsibility of an indemnitor.

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