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Man Charged with sex acts with a minor

Earlier this week in the city of Manhattan Beach, a man is being charged with allegedly engaging in unlawful sex acts with a minor over the past two years. The man has been identified as Trent Corbett Kelly and is 44 years old. He was arrested at his home on multiple felony counts according to Manhattan Beach police. Kelly is being held on a $420,000 bail, which he posted and was recently released from custody to await trial. Police began their investigations in late 2013 when a 16-year-old victim reported the 44-year-old man had been sleeping with her. Authorities in charge of the case said that they could not disclose the details of the investigation, but they do not believe that there are any other victims. Police are asking for anyone with any additional information about the case or about any other possible victims to contact the Manhattan Beach Police as soon as possible.

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