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California Vehicle Codes (VC)

Vehicle codes determine the kind of car that you are able to drive on the street, how you can drive on commercial roads, and what kinds of vehicles are not permitted to be driven on these roads. The term Vehicle Code and the abbreviation (VC) are used as a general terms to talk about or reference a giant rulebook that covers every aspect of any vehicle. This 1000-page rulebook can be purchased through your local Department of Motor Vehicles, but most people just search for the rulebook online as a reference for free. Some examples of the kinds of codes you will find in this book are as follows:



14601.1(VC): Driving With a Suspended License: this is a traffic ticket that can be charged as a misdemeanor or an infraction.


12500(VC): Driving Without a License.


23152(VC): Driving under the Influence: driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher.


This vehicle code is large because the department of motor vehicle has looked at every possible situation regarding vehicles and created a set of rules and regulations that ensure every person on the road has a safe means of transportation.


Some of the subjects that this book explains include: Registration and titling of vehicles, Anti-theft laws, Driver’s license procedures and processes, Financial responsibility and car insurance, Rules of the road, Towing and loading rules and regulations, Transporting hazardous materials, Off-highway/off-road vehicles, Bicycle laws and rules, Safety regulations. All of these rules and regulations refer to the safety of the road and are constantly updated so that whoever has a copy of this rulebook will always have an up to date rulebook to refer to when regarding your certain case. The previous group of rules of regulations refers to the rules of the road and which type of vehicles are permitted to be driven on commercial roads.


This California Vehicle Code also covers the rules and regulations regarding the actual vehicle itself. Now this vehicle code does not only apply to cars, but also boats and motorcycles, really anything that people use for transportation.


This rulebook contain information about equipment and mechanical regulations, licensing/age requirements, and registration/titling procedures. The mechanical regulation is in regards to the actual vehicle and how it was built.


This is to make sure that no dealer could sell you a dangerous car that could end up hurting you or anyone driving it. Even the extra equipment included in the car must meet safety regulations before it could be sold to the public as a means of transportation. These regulations will also determine what kinds of vehicles cannot be driven on the public roads and these vehicles will also have their own rules and regulations.


This rulebook comes in handy when you need to refer to the vehicle code for a certain case or accident. This means that if you are planning on buying or selling a car you could refer to this rulebook to find out your exact rights when buying or selling a car so that if anything does go wrong, then you will be able to determine what the next step would be.


This could save you a headache when taking a case to court because you will know before the trial whether it is worth fighting or not.


This rulebook could also help you if you plan on fighting a traffic ticket or vehicle violation and knowing the exact rules and why you got that violation in the first place will help you prevent that from happening in the future.


Whenever you would like to read about a certain infraction, you could just look up the rulebook online and search for that infraction by looking up the code numbers referenced on your ticket.


Any infraction or traffic violation will have a code in front of the short description which is used to organize all of the rules in the rulebook. This makes it much easier for people as well as police to look up a certain rule or infraction.


Also, when you know how exactly you violated a certain traffic violation, then you will be able to make sure that you do not commit the same violation again.


If you have any questions regarding vehicle codes or need advice on a personal situation then please feel free to call one of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds Manhattan Beach at any time.

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