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The bail bonds process in Manhattan Beach.

Our office is serving the great city of Manhattan Beach and its wonderful people many years now. Here in Sunrise Bail Bonds, our agents have managed to help a huge number of arrestees to get released from jail. They did that in a fast way and without any complications.
Usually, when someone is arrested in, they bring him to the Manhattan Beach Police Department that you can find it at 420 15th St, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

With the defendant’s arrival is when the booking process starts. First a police officer is going to confiscate the personal belongings for safekeeping and then they will gather all the personal information of the inmate. Next, they will take him/her in a room to take his/her photos and they will register all those to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s database. After that, they will take the arrestee’s fingerprints and by using a machine called Live Scan which is directly connected to the Department of Justice, they will search for any pending warrants and make sure that the defendant is not wanted by any other law agency.

The duration until the results are available to the Jailer is around 45 minutes to several hours. When the jailer has the results at his disposal, he/she will clear the inmate for bail. The defendant must pay that bail in order to get released from jail.

If you decide to call our office, an extremely experienced and highly trained agent is going to be assigned to you and your case until your loved one is free under your custody.

During your first call with your personal agent, you must provide every information asked. That way, the agent is going to be able to contact with the jailer and gather any information related to the case of your loved one such as if he/she is cleared for bail and the bail amount.

Then, the agent is going to arrange a personal meeting with you, to help you fill all the needed paperwork to start the bail bonds process. After that, the agent is going to bring that paperwork to the jailer so that your loved one to be released from jail.

bail bonds in manhattan beach ca

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Why Choose Manhattan Beach Bail Bonds!

Our office operates in the city of Manhattan Beach many years now with great results. We serve and help its citizens to be released out of jail in a very fast and easy way. That’s the reason our agents are so much respected by the local community and even by our competition.

We can feel your suffering and your agony when a loved one of yours has been arrested. We are also human and it’s humane to feel like that. However, we know that it may be children involved and most of all we are parents and we have children of our own and there is no chance our agents to waste even a second before they bring the parents back to their children.

Our agents know exactly how to avoid any surprises and strange situations that may occur during the bail bonds process. They know how to find a way and fasten the process even if the jailer is busy or if there is some extra bureaucracy involved.

They are available to you 24/7 and you can contact them anytime and any day for your questions to be answered.

Here in Sunrise Bail Bonds Manhattan Beach, when you call us the first time, we will assign to you a personal agent, so you don’t have every time to speak with a different one and get confused or waste valuable time.

Your personal agent is going to help you with any paperwork and he will make sure that you completely understand every detail and step of the bail bonds process. He will take care to bring that paperwork to the Jailer or even the courts and he will explain to you all the facts of your loved one’s case. Most importantly he will explain to you your duties after the release of the arrestee and how to make sure that he or she will attend all the court dates.

Finally, because we know that you may have difficulties to pay the amount of money needed for the bail, your assigned agent is going to help you to come up with a flexible payment plan that will help you to pay without any problems and that way to bring fast your loved one back at home.

Our service extends to the neighboring cities such as Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach in the south, Lawndale in the east, to the north east we have local agents in Hawthorne and to the north of Manhattan Beach our bail service covers Inglewood and El Segundo.

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bail bonds in manhattan beach

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